Thursday, 14 June 2012

"stop arguing and go cloud" (because I said so)

Strange title I know but it's from a comment left on a previous post.

Well....I'll stick by it. Go Cloud!

Even Nasa have gone cloud and they are reported to have saved $1 million a year. If that is not a reason to go cloud then I don't know what is. The world of computing is looking to the cloud. Thin clients are fast becoming fashionable devices with the need for power hungry computers becoming a thing of the past. Even gaming can be done over the cloud now with onlive gaming. Companies who feared going to the cloud are now embracing it and reaping in the benefits of low licensing costs, reduced IT power costs of upto 90%, not needing in house IT staff, not needing to renew hardware but mainly the knowledge of knowing your applications will work and your data is safe by simply paying a subscription fee.

I get a warm geeky feeling when I go into a hospital or a doctors surgery and see that they are using thin client machines. We are now seeing banks, solicitors, recruitment companies, universities, government support agencies and yes even NASA using and recommending cloud companies.

All the major computer companies are investing the majority of their time and money into cloud computing, surely this is a good sign that it is the future. Yes you will get computer professionals everywhere saying don't goto the cloud just as you get apple users saying don't use android. Why? Cause they either don't understand it and fear they will lose their jobs to it or they don't understand it so have a unfounded loyalty to what they know. You will find these people saying stuff like "cloud will never work" "who wants their data somewhere else?" "It will never replace the desktop" and other such nonsense.

Why would you not want to pay less for a more specialised, more secure, more accessible, and more efficient IT experience? Because you have loyalty for your in house IT department who fob you off with long waiting times and excuses that something cannot be done because they cannot understand it while they sit back and don't seek out further knowledge, experience and qualifications cause they feel they don't need it? I don't think so. These people would not survive in the cloud computing world as it is changing so fast and requires people who have an actual interest in what they do and want to constantly increase their skills and experience to deliver a strong service that their customers require.

Now companies have the choice of who they want to support them with a simple subscription rather than the lengthy process of hiring IT staff. Imagine if when you want a mobile phone you had to hire a team to come in and work for you while you had the phone? What if you had to hire electricians and gas workers? That would be crazy. In years to come (not so far in the future) people will be saying that about IT. Why have an in house server room or IT offices in your company?

So yes, Stop arguing and go Cloud! You will thank me for it.