Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bring your own device. The future of Cloud computing

With cloud computing fast becoming the way of the future, what does this mean for our standard office desktops?

Thin clients are becoming more and more popular due to the limited resources needed to work within the cloud but there is however another option that is becoming more popular: Bring your own device.


What does this mean?

Bring your own device means exactly what it says, bring your home laptop or tablet into work and use that. Crazy you say! Since you are accessing a secure location it now does not matter what you do with your home laptop as long as you can connect to the internet. Your private and work data need never mix. This will become a popular choice for employers as they will save on hardware equipment.


The future of bring your own device.

For me there is only one option for BYOD and that is the mobile phone. In the future I expect that people will simply walk into work dock their phone and start working. This would be possible now even. All it takes is the phone manufacturer to make a docking station similar to a laptop one. Ok it will look more like a phone cradle but the principle would be the same. You could dock your phone and see exactly what you see on your phone screen on your monitor only now it is attached to the monitor, keyboard, mouse and even headset. From here you can launch your cloud interface and use your apps exactly like you do on your computer. Using IP phone software similar to Skype you can also make and receive calls.


Could your mobile really replace your pc and phone system?

Yes and it's only a matter of time. We are in an age of less is more, we are now focusing less on power and more on design and saving power! The mobile phone will do both. Phones are becoming more powerful and with applications like Citrix receiver it is already possible to get your full desktop on your phone. If manufacturers have their head screwed on they will be creating laptop and tablet docks so you can literally stick your phone into the back of a laptop shell or a tablet shell. Your phone would click in just like your battery clicks into your laptop now.


What does this mean for computer providers?

Computer providers will merge more with phone providers, just like Microsoft and Nokia are teaming up now. Samsung and Apple already make both mobile phones and computers. This will give them the lead in the market, they are literally one product away from this solution. Microsoft already has office365 integrated with your phone all they are missing is the device to bring it onto a bigger screen. Just think, you’re finished work but you still have a few things to finish, just undock your phone and carry on working on the bus or tube. The best thing of it all is that if everything is cloud based and you get your phone stolen your data is still secure.

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