Saturday, 18 February 2012

Why your business should move to the cloud

Many small and large businesses will have either considered or be considering moving their IT over to a Cloud based solution. Change is the hardest thing to consider as it's hard to see the value without the risk. You need to consider the change in performance, service and ultimately value.


How could moving to the Cloud benefit your business?

Energy costs:
It is shown that moving to a Cloud solution and replacing desktops and in house servers with think clients and remote Cloud server can save upto 90% on your companies energy bill. With the cost of energy rising this is a major factor in considering change.

Staffing costs:
Many companies feel that they pay too much for their IT department but realise that there are many parts to an IT infrastructure and this generally requires a group of people to support each part. Cloud services already have a skilled team who cover all these parts for you and generally only the top technicians in their field get to work for these companies after years of study and experience. Offloading your IT to the cloud could cut your IT staffing, training and HR costs down by 80%.

Data security is an important part of any IT infrastructure and inhouse security can often be lacking. By offloading your data to the Cloud you can ensure that all your important data is secure on servers in secure datacenters not local on a laptop that could be stolen or left on a train. Many government organisations have moved to the Cloud after recent scandals with data being lost due to theft. This is a real indicator of how secure Cloud solutions are.

Servers are becoming more and more powerful each year and having your virtual desktops or applications hosted on these servers rather than an old slow PC in the office can vastly improve performance. The main thing companies who move over to the Cloud notice is speed, how much faster things load and how much more productive their staff can be due to this.

Many Cloud solutions offer an any device anywhere policy. This means whether you are using your laptop, desktop, tablet PC or even your smart phone you can connect to your service and work. This has allowed many companies to allow their staff to work away from the office saving them even more money. As the digital revolution means that more and more people are using their phones the same way they use their laptop more and more people can now check their emails from work on a Word document or spreadsheet. There has been a big shift from people traveling by car to now traveling by train to allow them to connect to their Cloud solution using either 3g or the trains wifi and continue to work. The work hours gained from this could be reason alone for switching for some companies.

Licensing costs:
New subscription based licensing costs that Cloud services offer mean companies can save hundreds even thousands of pounds on software costs each month. Using a pay as you use method you only pay when you are using the product rather than having to pay the full price for all your software generally each year.

Cloud computing is making IT more of a utility rather than an in house necessity. How many times have you wished you could just get another company to handle all your IT needs? Cloud computing makes this possible. We don't have electricity providers and gas providers in each company providing a service and costing companies thousands each year so why do we need to do the same with IT? With Cloud computing we don't!

What does this mean for IT staff?

As we know the economy everywhere is suffering and many companies are cutting their IT staff down and suffering by keeping few staff to carry out the work of many. IT candidates are experiencing these difficult times but there is nothing stopping them gain the necessary qualifications and skill to work for a Cloud based company. As more businesses are moving to the Cloud more staff are needed. This is a major shift for IT staff but we have a responsibility to keep up with current times to stay in the game.

You may be asking the question "why should we move to the Cloud?" now but if you wait you may find yourself asking "Why didn't we do this a long time ago?"
One UK based Cloud computing solutions company who are leading in their field are AtlasIM
and thier vision of "A PC off every desk" sums up the benefits of moving to the Cloud.

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