Thursday, 9 February 2012

Part 14 – Setting and checking quota schedule on Exchange 2010 setup Multi-Tenancy

Once you have the quotas set for Exchange you need to set when they are checked and when people will receive warnings.

To set the quota schedule use the following command

Set-MailboxDatabase -Identity "Mailbox Database" -QuotaNotificationSchedule "Mon.01:00-Mon.01:15","Tue.01:00-Tue.01:15","Wed.01:00-Wed.01:15","Thu.01:00-Thu.01:15","Fri.01:00-Fri.01:15","Sat.01:00-Sat.01:15","Sun.01:00-Sun.01:15"

Set the times accordingly

To check when your quota schedule is set at use the following command

Get-MailboxDatabase | fl Name, QuotaNotificationSchedule

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