Thursday, 29 September 2011

Part 1 - Introduction to Exchange 2010 setup Multi-Tenancy

There are various guides on the internet about installing Exchange 2010 in hosting mode but you will find you have to search through lots of them to find bits of what you need. For some reason there does not seem to be a good complete one. That's now changed.

Why do I need hosted mode?

If you are here you probably already think you need it. Basically if you are an organisation hosting Exchange for more than one organisation then you will need to use hosted mode.

Whats so different?

Shell!!!!!!!  Yup that scary thing called powershell. You have to use this rather than the installation wizard to install in hosted mode. Worse still you cannot use the Exchange Management console to manage your exchange environment. You have to use Exchange Management Shell. This is a variation of powershell.

Lets get started...........

Log onto the server that is going to be an exchange server as a member of the domain with domain admin rights.

Make sure all the prerequisites are installed (found here

Add the IIS role with the following options:

Internet Information Service (IIS).
- World Wide Web service (W3SVC)
- Additional sub roles of W3SVC:
IIS 7 Basic Authentication
IIS 7 Windows Authentication
IIS 7 Digest Authentication
IIS 7 .NET Extensibility
IIS 7 Dynamic Content Compression
IIS 7 Static Content Compression
IIS 7 .NET Extensibility
IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility
IIS 6 Management Console
Web Server (IIS) Tools
- HTTP Activation
- Windows Process Activation Service Process Model

Once you have installed all the hotfixes and added the IIS role open Powershell as administrator.

Before you can install scripts you have to use the command:

Set-ExecutionPolicy unRestricted

I then used this script

Which I found did not install the prerequisite hotfixes but did no harm

Either download Exchange 2010 and add it as virtual disc using magic disk or burn and insert.

I then used cmd as administrator to run the following

Setup /PrepareAD /hosting

Setup /PrepareAllDomains /hosting

Setup /PrepareSchema /hosting

These commands setup the active directory structure ready or hosted installation. The /hosting switch is vital in these commands as I found out as missing one.

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