Thursday, 29 September 2011

Part 5- Setting up Exchange through Citrix Xen App on Exchange 2010 setup Multi-Tenancy

Before a user can use the published outlook you must set it up on the server outlook will be published on. To achieve this I logged into Citrix gateway as the user and launched Outlook. This prompted me to setup a new account. So I went through the normal steps but when I got the point where I had to enter mailbox and exchange server name I did the following. Enter the mailbox server as normal and enter the users email address into the mailbox name. Then click more settings. In the security tab tick the box for "always ask for authentication". Then click check name and you should be prompted for credentials. Enter email address and exchange password and tick remember credentials. Once these are accepted you email should be underlined. Then go back into more settings, security and untick “always ask for authentication”. Then ok that and choose finish.

Now while still logged into the server launch outlook. If prompted again for credentials enter them again and click check name. Once this has opened you should be able to open through Citrix Gateway

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