Thursday, 29 September 2011

Part 4 - Setting up send and receive connectors on Exchange 2010 setup Multi-Tenancy

Now you have your mailboxes you need to configure a connector to receive mail using the following command. Replace the red text with the name of your exchage server 

Set-ReceiveConnector -PermissionGroups 'AnonymousUsers, ExchangeUsers, ExchangeServers, ExchangeLegacyServers' -Identity 'Exchange\Default Exchange'

After this you need t setup your send connector. Please ensure you have your MX records assigned to the hub transport server you use. To create the send connector use the following command and remember to replace the red text with the hub transport server.

new-SendConnector -Name 'Using SmartHost' -Usage 'Custom' -AddressSpaces 'SMTP:*;1' -IsScopedConnector $false -DNSRoutingEnabled $true -UseExternalDNSServersEnabled $false -SourceTransportServers 'Exchange'

Now you should be able to send and receive mail.

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